Run a Frontend

Discover how frontend operators can seamlessly integrate WINR games into their platforms, unlocking new revenue opportunities and enhancing user engagement. This section provides a comprehensive overview of the integration process, highlighting the benefits of non-custodial wallets, fast and efficient WINR VRF, and decentralized incentives.

Seamless Integration with WINR Games

Effortlessly connect WINR games to your platform using the provided WINR SDK. The SDK facilitates seamless communication between your frontend application and the WINR Protocol, enabling direct access to game data, transactions, and essential functionalities without complexity or delays.

Frontend operators also have the opportunity to provide games to the WINR Protocol after DAO's decision, contributing to the growth and diversity of the ecosystem.

Non-Custodial Wallets for Easy Transactions

Integrate WINR’s Account Abstraction (AA) feature into your platform to streamline user transactions. With AA, users can deposit and withdraw funds hassle-free using familiar social media accounts or email addresses, eliminating the need for additional wallet approvals and simplifying the overall transaction process.

Fast and Efficient WINR VRF

Leverage WINR VRF (Verifiable Random Function) for rapid and reliable randomness generation in gaming applications. With response times of less than 0.3 seconds and minimal gas usage, WINR VRF ensures smooth gameplay experiences while maintaining security and fairness. Additionally, WINR VRF is compatible with all Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs), ensuring compatibility and scalability for your platform.

Decentralized Incentives for Enhanced Engagement

Boost user engagement on your platform with decentralized incentives provided by the WINR Protocol. Users can enjoy immediate cashback rewards, daily bonuses, conditioned cashbacks, and participate in a growing jackpot, incentivizing actions and fostering a dynamic and active user community.

By integrating WINR games into your platform and leveraging the provided features and incentives, frontend operators can enhance user engagement, attract new users, and drive revenue growth. The seamless integration process, combined with the benefits of non-custodial wallets, fast and efficient WINR VRF, and decentralized incentives, creates a compelling and rewarding gaming experience for users on your platform.

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