WINR Protocol's Milestones

A Journey Through Time:


  • ☑️ Birth of the idea for a fully decentralized casino, “JustBet”: a world where gambling thrives in a fully decentralized ecosystem, removing intermediaries and enabling direct peer-to-peer interaction.


  • ☑️ Development began on the Tron network but was paused due to a lack of necessary smart contract libraries and challenges in securing funding during the bear market.


  • ☑️ Switched development to Matic (now Polygon), faced with slow transaction speeds, high costs, and the absence of a reliable RNG provider.


  • ☑️ Launched on Matic, facing high transaction fees and the limitations of a centralized bankroll.


  • ☑️ WINR Protocol was established to revolutionize iGaming, offering a complete autonomous liquidity and incentive system for on-chain games. Transitioned to Arbitrum for its lower fees and faster speeds; introduced decentralized WLP Bankroll token as counterparty to all bets, creating a robust infrastructure for fully decentralized betting and cashback incentives.

Q1 2023:

  • ☑️ JustBet Testnet launched the market's first casino, which is completely decentralized, owned by no one, fully transparent, non-tampered, with no KYC requirements, and non-custodial.

  • ☑️ $WINR token public sale launched on CamelotDEX on March 9, 2023, raising $2.8M USDC.

  • ☑️ WINR Protocol launched the Genesis WINR Liquidity Pool (gWLP) Farm on March 3rd and reached $4.7M USDC.

Q2 2023:

  • ☑️ Audits finalized by Paladin and Watchpug

  • ☑️ Mainnet launched on May 19th for WINR Protocol; JustBet also launched that day, featuring 14 games with staking capabilities, and a WLP pool was opened to the community for bankroll contributions.

  • ☑️ WINR DAO Launch: Implementation of decentralized governance, allowing token holders to vote on key protocol decisions and updates.

  • ☑️ The first fully on-chain Roulette game with a decentralized bankroll launched.

Q3 2023:

  • ☑️ Reached $60M Volume with JustBet.

  • ☑️ The world's-first non-custodial, protocol-wide decentralized account abstraction wallets are enabled. One-click, gas-free bets became available. No KYC, no custodial funds, and no bans.

  • ☑️ The initial two WINR Improvement Proposals, WIP-1 and WIP-2 became active. 100x rakeback and Jackpot features activated.

Q4 2023:

  • ☑️ A total of 7.7M WINR, which accounts for 7.7% of the maximum supply, has been permanently burned since the mainnet launch.

  • ☑️ WINR has been granted 462K $ARB from Arbitrum Foundation STIP grant application with 94.62% of "For" votes.

  • ☑️ WINR Labs launched DegensBet, a revolutionary decentralized and gamified 1000x perpetual futures dex designed specifically for crypto degens. DegensBet makes use of the WINR Liquidity Pool for market-making. 14 Pairs were available at the end of the year.

  • ☑️ WIP-3 has passed, and the new max wager model was audited and deployed.

  • ☑️ WINR Labs has launched the first two 3D games operating on the protocol.

  • ☑️ WINR VRF services launched and showcased in WINR Tech stack.

  • ☑️ Protocol-wide revenue reached $2M, and Bankroll Profit reached $500K

Q1 2024:

  • ☑️ The release of the first Blackjack game that is built completely on-chain in the market.

  • ☑️ WINR Protocol enabled B2B game provider and the frontend operator model.

  • ☑️ Over $1M in ARB from STIP Grant distributed to players in 12 weeks.

  • ☑️ Acquired +6,000 protocol-wide users since the mainnet launch.

  • ☑️ The first-ever CEX listing for WINR on the MEXC Exchange.

  • ☑️ WINR Protocol was selected by the Pyth Data Association as a recipient of the Pyth Grant. Awarded 250,000 $PYTH tokens.

  • ☑️ More than $60K on the decentralized jackpot on JustBet that everyone can win even with a $1 bet.

  • ☑️ WINR Token has been deployed on Solana through the Wormhole bridge. WINR can be bridged and traded on Solana.

  • ☑️ JustBet v2 became life by celebrating $90M onchain volume and 5.5M Bets, played against a decentralized bankroll.

  • ☑️ DegensBet reaches 25 Futures Pairs with up to 1000x leverage.

Q2 2024:

  • ☑️ The world's first fully on-chain Hold'em poker developed and launched by WINR Labs on the WINR Protocol.

  • ☑️ Over $1 million revenue shared with WINR/vWINR token holders, less than a year since WINR's launch.

  • ☑️ WIP-5 is active on-chain. The vesting schedules for core contributors and WINR Labs have been extended by nine months, effectively slowing emissions.

  • ☑️ WINR VRF Services for Launchpad, providing the fastest way to generate verifiable on-chain randomness.

  • ☑️ The world's first fully on-chain slot game developed with the Unity game engine by WINR Labs, WINR Bonanza.

  • WINR Solana launch, VRF (the fastest ever built on Solana with next-block response times), and NFT staking contracts.

  • WINRZ NFTs public mint on, with NFT staking, enabled on the Solana Network, allowing holders to earn a share of the casino's profits and participate in special events.

  • Private bankroll creation for frontend operators on Solana, where meme tokens and operators can create pools with their tokens for their users to play games.

  • Expansion of the ecosystem to include the Fantom network.

Q3 2024:

  • Activation of an on-chain badge system where users accumulate badges by completing specific tasks.

  • Major chain expansions: Plans to launch on Base and other EVM-compatible networks to reach a broader audience.

  • The first horizontal expansion of the WINR Protocol and its entire tech stack on a new EVM, launching PlusBet on the Fantom Network.

  • Launch of PumpBest, a no-rug meme launchpad on the WINR Protocol.

  • Introduction of a frontend operator module, enabling operators to deploy from a full suite of products that let anyone launch a similar product they own without needing to fund a bankroll or develop a product.

  • A unified WINR App page that contains an explorer from all frontend operators, total stats, stats per frontend operator, and a permissionless frontend operator onboarding page.

  • Launch and bridging of WINR Chain: A Layer-2 solution tailored for gaming applications to streamline operations and reduce costs.

  • Implementation of cross-chain revenue distribution on WINR Chain, allowing the collection of revenue from all chains to be distributed weekly to stakeholders.

  • Release of new games (Gates of WINR, WINR Rush, and meme-based Solana games). Public launch of the WINR Game Engine and SDK for game developers, providing tools to create and deploy games directly on the WINR platform.

Q4 2024:

  • Introduction of the auto-bet feature and strategy options similar to web2 UX.

  • Introduction of a new synthetic token, xUSD, which is a mock token that can convert to real USD if specific parameters are met. These tokens are typically offered as deposit, VIP, and welcome bonuses.

  • Launch of the Sports Betting Module and 0xSportsBet, extending the platform to include decentralized sports betting.

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