What's Live

WINR Liquidity Pool (WLP): A decentralized bankroll that has processed over $80M in bet volume on JustBet and more than $5B in perpetual volume on DegensBet, and generated a revenue of $770K for the WLP holders with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $3M by March 2024.

On-chain Incentives: Players receive immediate rakeback in vWINR, which can be staked for a share of daily revenue, akin to cashback, with a built-in jackpot feature.

First-Generation Platforms: JustBet and DegensBet have been the first two platforms built on WINR. New games on JustBet are constantly being added and DegensBet has already released its v2 since the launch. WINR VRF: A proprietary solution for verifiable random functions, set to enhance game fairness and add a new revenue stream.

WINR Bundler: Enhancing transaction speeds, allowing for sub-second on-chain bets. Account Abstraction (Smart Accounts): One-click betting with non-custodial wallets sponsored by the protocol. Profit Sharing and Token Burn: $1.2 million in protocol profit, with $550K distributed to token holders and 7.6% of the supply burned permanently as of November 2023.

Arbitrum STIP Grant Distribution through Campaigns: Regular weekly campaigns went live to incentivize growth both on JustBet and DegensBet.

CEX Listing: WINR is listed on MEXC as of February 29. $PYTH Rewards: Distribution of $PYTH tokens coming from the Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop program.

In Progress

  • Implementation of the changes proposed in WIP-4 and WIP-5.

  • Launch on Fantom.

  • Launch on Solana, together with the new NFT-centered mechanics.

Future Directions

Q1 2024

  • JustBet launching v2.

  • Release of new games developed on Unity.

  • New grid-slot games to be launched.

Q2 2024

  • Launching on Solana with an initial NFT sale.

  • WINR VRF and Smart Accounts to be offered as independent services.

  • Launch of WINR Chain testnet. This is an L3 solution on Arbitrum Nitro, focused exclusively on gaming contracts for fast, low-cost transactions. WINR Chain will be the unification of all the products developed so far.

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