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What is Live?

  • WINR Liquidity Pool (WLP): A decentralized bankroll, processing over 67 million in bet volume on and more than 600 million in perpetual volume on within its first 20 days. It boasts a revenue of $370K in 180 days and a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $3.3 million.
  • On-chain Incentives: Players receive immediate rakeback in vWINR, which can be staked for a share of daily revenue, akin to cashback, with a built-in jackpot feature.
  • First-Generation Platforms: and are the initial offerings from WINR.
  • Profit Sharing and Token Burn: $1.2 million in protocol profit, with $550K distributed to token holders and 7.6% of the supply burned permanently as of November 2023.
  • Account Abstraction: One-click betting with non-custodial wallets sponsored by the protocol.

Future Directions

The design of WINR Protocol is geared towards horizontal expansion with three core pillars:
  1. 1.
    iGaming Providers: WINR Chain aims to be the central hub for all games, managing the profit distribution among stakeholders.
  2. 2.
    Frontend Operators: Entities can integrate games from the WINR Chain without financial risk, benefiting from the generated profits.
  3. 3.
    Liquidity Providers: Contributors to the WLP, supporting the decentralized bankroll.

Upcoming Developments (2023-2024)

Short-term Goals (Q4 of 2023):
  • WINR VRF: A proprietary solution for verifiable random functions, set to enhance game fairness and add a new revenue stream.
  • WINR Bundler: Enhancing transaction speeds, allowing for sub-second on-chain bets.
  • WINR Chain: An L3 solution on Arbitrum Nitro, focused exclusively on gaming contracts for fast, low-cost transactions.
Long-term Goals (Q1, Q2 of 2024):
  • Game Development: Rebuilding existing games and introducing new offerings like Blackjack and Casino Hold Em, with a focus on Unity for enhanced user experience.
  • Slot Innovations: The release of WINR Bonanza and the development of additional grid slot games.
  • Frontend Expansion: Supporting web2/web3 platforms in integrating decentralized WINR games effortlessly.
Minor Features:
  • Cross-chain deposits to AA wallets.
  • Revamp of AA wallets to enhance frontend operator capabilities.
  • Expansion of on-chain incentives to reduce marketing costs.
  • Advanced risk parameters for WLP.

Key Release: Sportsbook (Q1, Q2 of 2024)

A sophisticated sportsbook platform is under development, with a targeted release in the first half of 2024.