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  • onlyEmergency: Modifier that can only pause the protocol. It can be given to EOAs. Cannot unpause most of the time.
  • onlyTimelockgov: It is timelocked governance and protects the protocol's primary functions.
  • onlyGovernance: Used for very important configuration functions that affect the protocol's economics.
  • onlyProtocol: This modifier is for protocol smart contracts (like TokenManager). This is a very high level of trust.
  • onlyTeam: This modifier is similar to the trusted version of onlyManager. Used for swift reactional functions.
  • onlySupport: This modifier can change incentive tiers for vault managers, making vWINR Fee minted through TokenManager.
WINR Protocol provides a 20% allowance compared to the WLP size to the vault managers connected to itself. This ensures that the governance may have enough time to interfere if a vault manager is malicious.