The WINR Protocol

Token (WINR/vWINR)

The native token and initial incentive of the WINR Protocol is called WINR. A portion of the WINR supply is allocated as ecosystem rewards in the form of vWINR. WINR and vWINR can be staked to earn passive real yield in the form of WLP through the Bribes mechanism.
vWINR is a vested version of WINR. It can be converted into WINR through a vesting period consisting of 180 days. If a user chooses a vesting period of fewer than 180 days, a portion of their vWINR will be burned during the redemption process. The minimum vesting duration is 15 days, and the conversion rate is 1:0.5. vWINR that has been put into the vesting process receives the same weight in the bribes pool. Staking vWINR grants 2x weight in the Bribes pool, while staking WINR grants 1x weight in the Bribes pool to incentivize long-term locking of WINR.

Emission Distribution

  • 30% of the supply is distributed to the players in each transaction that calls a game contract connected to the WINR Protocol.
  • 7.5% of the supply is distributed to the liquidity providers in the WLP index composition.
  • 2.5% of the supply is distributed to the WINR/vWINR staking pool to boost the initial APR.

Emission Schedule

vWINR emissions are controlled by a strategy contract with constants updating each epoch. The vWINR minted per transaction is determined by the number of tokens paid as bribes to the WINR/vWINR staking pool, the WINR price in the open market, and a minting multiplier that ranges between 0.5x to 2x that is subjected to halving, shown below.
First Halving
Second Halving
Third Halving

Emission Formula

The vWINR token smart contract uses the following formula if the volume in the last epoch has increased.
The vWINR token smart contract uses the following formula if the volume in the last epoch has decreased.
For each vWINR minted for the players, a fourth of the amount is minted for the WLP holders.
For example, a total of 100,000 vWINR is minted throughout the day. This means that the WLP holders have been rewarded 25,000 vWINR, ready to claim at any given time.
Please refer to the Epochs page to learn more about how Epochs work.

Deflationary Mechanisms

  • 20% of the bribes and 15% of the fees generated are allocated to buyback and burn WINR from the open market weekly.
  • The conversion between vWINR <-> WINR causes WINR supply to deflate if the user selects a vesting schedule of fewer than 180 days.
  • A 0.5% burn fee is charged every time a user unstakes their WINR or vWINR.
  • Certain NFTs that grant benefits can be purchased by burning WINR. For more information, visit the documentation of platforms built on top of the WINR Protocol.