For Developers

  • Develop your games utilizing the WINR Protocol smart contract game engine, ensuring 1-sec finality for a seamless user experience.

  • Submit your game proposal to the WINR DAO for integration into the deep WINR Liquidity Pool, ensuring instant direct payouts to your players.

  • Motivate your players with vWINR emissions, and earn a commission from the vWINR minted via your smart contracts.

  • Integrate non-custodial wallets (Smart Accounts) for smooth and secure transactions.

  • Provide real-time market data for high leverage perpetual trading.

  • Implement smart position sizing and risk management tools for strategic trading.

  • Empower frontend operators to effortlessly earn 20% of generated revenue.

  • Offer immediate cashback, daily bonuses, conditioned cashbacks, and growing jackpots to enhance user engagement.

  • Deploy fast and efficient WINR VRF for minimal gas usage.

  • Join a thriving ecosystem of on-chain games and contribute to a vibrant development community.

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