For Players

  • Experience seamless and fair gaming with WINR VRF's verifiable random number generation, ensuring response times under 300 ms.

  • Utilize non-custodial wallets for hassle-free transactions, ensuring easy deposits, quick transactions with no gas fees, and robust security measures.

  • Dive into high leverage perpetual trading with real-time market data and smart position sizing for mindful trading strategies.

  • Earn vWINR emissions and commission from vWINR minted through smart contracts, turning each transaction into a rewarding experience.

  • Earn staking rewards by staking WINR and vWINR tokens for WLP, earning a share of the protocol's revenue.

  • Seize random vWINR incentives and jackpot opportunities on transactions, enhancing the excitement of every interaction.

  • Maximize earnings with a simple referral program, contributing to community growth and fostering engagement.

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