Explore the incentive structure on the WINR Protocol, turning each transaction into a rewarding experience. This section covers earning vWINR token incentives, staking rewards, random vWINR incentives, and jackpot opportunities. The referral program is also detailed, providing users with the opportunity to earn based on transaction volumes from their referrals.


Earn with Every Transaction

  • Transform transactions into rewarding experiences.

  • Users earn vWINR token incentives.

Staking Rewards

  • Stake vWINR tokens for WLP.

  • Earn a share of the protocol's revenue.

Random Incentives and Jackpot Opportunities

  • 100x random vWINR incentives on transactions.

  • Growing jackpot fueled by platform revenue.

Earnings with Referrals

  • Simple referral program for increased earnings.

  • Contribute to community growth.

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