The WINR Protocol has daily epochs that change specific parameters depending on the statistics collected from the previous epoch.

  • The mining multiplier explained on the Token page increases or decreases depending on the volume transacted through the games connected to the WINR Protocol. This is to ensure emissions of vWINR slow down if the volume increases, as it serves its purpose of attracting volume to the protocol. If the volume decreases, the mining multiplier increases at a 2x faster pace than the decrease to ensure more vWINR is minted on each transaction to attract volume as fast as possible to the platforms built on the WINR Protocol.

  • The bribe multiplier explained on the Bribe page changes in each epoch to ensure the amount of WLP paid to the WINR/vWINR staking pool depends on the liquidity pool's health. The bribe multiplier increases to a maximum of 0.5% per transaction if the liquidity pool revenue has increased in the previous epoch. The bribe multiplier per transaction decreases to a minimum of 0.1% per transaction if the revenue of the liquidity pool has decreased in the previous epoch at a 2x faster pace than the increase to protect the health of the WLP.

Epochs are stored in the strategy smart contract.

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