Apart from the fees generated through swaps and buying/selling WLP, the WLP price continuously increases due to the players' losses.

The WLP index is the counterparty to every bet on the platforms built on top of the WINR Protocol. It pays the wins and receives the losses.

The games connected to the WLP has a mathematical edge, which makes the WLP pool grow over time as the volume transacted through the game smart contracts increase. The revenue generated by the losses is added to the composition of native assets while not minting new WLP. The quantity of assets in the composition grows while the WLP supply stays the same. This increases the USD value of WLP steadily.

Mathematically speaking, the WLP index will be absorbing at least 2% of all the volume generated by the platforms built on top of the WINR Protocol as revenue.

For example, the testnet of JustBet has amassed 136,000 ETH volume in the first few days. This resulted in a revenue of 4,526 ETH, roughly %3.3 of the total volume.

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