The native token of the WINR Protocol is WINR. A portion of the total WINR supply is allocated to ecosystem rewards through vWINR, which stands for vested WINR. vWINR can be staked to earn real yield in the form of WLP on any platform built on WINR.

vWINR can be converted into WINR through a vesting process. You have the flexibility to adjust your vesting period, which can range from 15 to 180 days. The conversion rate is 1:0.5 for a 15-day vesting period. vWINR placed into the vesting process carries the same weight in the bribes pool as staked vWINR does.

Emission Distribution

  • 30% of the supply is allocated to incentives. Any transaction interacting with a WINR game contract will receive vWINR as a reward.

  • 7.5% of the supply is distributed to liquidity providers in the WLP index composition.

  • 2.5% of the supply is distributed to the vWINR staking pool to enhance the initial APR.

Emission Schedule

  • The amount of vWINR rewarded per transaction is updated every epoch, with each epoch lasting 1 week.

  • To adapt to changes in transaction volume compared to the previous epoch, vWINR minting is adjusted. If transaction volume increases, minting is slowed down to reduce the need for additional incentives, and vice versa.

  • A minting multiplier, which ranges from 0.5 to 2 times a probabilistic factor called p, governs the rate at which vWINR is minted.

  • The minting multiplier itself undergoes halving based on the WINR supply. The following table illustrates when these halvings will occur:






First Halving




Second Halving




Third Halving




Emissions Mechanism

The vWINR multiplier converts the amount involved in a player’s transaction to the amount of vWINR that’s to be minted for that specific transaction. As stated earlier, the multiplier is dynamically updated every epoch based on the change in volume from the previous epoch. This update does not consider the probabilistic factor p but only changes the part that ranges between 0.5 and 2.

For the case of an increase in volume, the new multiplier is determined as follows:

For each vWINR minted for the players, a fourth of the amount is minted for the WLP holders. For example, a total of 100,000 vWINR is minted throughout the day. This means that the WLP holders have been rewarded 25,000 vWINR, ready to claim at any given time.

Please refer to the Epochs page to learn more about how Epochs work.

Probabilistic Rewarding of vWINR

As previously mentioned, each transaction that interacts with a WINR game contract results in the minting of vWINR tokens for the address associated with the transaction. The quantity of vWINR minted is determined by the product of the vWINR multiplier and a probabilistic factor denoted as "p." The value of "p" is drawn from a mixed Gaussian probability distribution characterized by two peaks. An exaggerated representation of this distribution is depicted below.

The implemented distribution exhibits peaks at 0.6 and 100, with corresponding standard deviations of 0.1 and 10, respectively. This distribution yields a significant number of values that cluster around 100, generating excitement among players who stand to mint a substantially greater amount of vWINR with each transaction. On average, "p" tends to hover around 0.77.

Deflationary Mechanisms

  • 20% of the bribes and 15% of the fees generated are allocated to buyback and burn WINR from the open market weekly.

  • The conversion between vWINR <-> WINR causes WINR supply to deflate if the user selects a vesting schedule of fewer than 180 days.

  • A 0.5% burn fee is charged whenever a user unstakes their WINR or vWINR.

  • Certain NFTs that grant benefits can be purchased by burning WINR. For more information, visit the documentation of platforms built on top of the WINR Protocol.

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