Smart Accounts


WINR Smart Accounts is a secure and user-friendly account abstraction wallet experience. This section details the wallet's easy integration with various platforms, its role as a universal wallet for gaming and trading, and its user-friendly features like easy deposits, quick transactions with no gas fees, and robust security measures.


Easy Integration & One Wallet for All

  • Connect seamlessly to diverse platforms.

  • Manage cross-chain transactions effortlessly.

Easy Deposits

  • Enhanced onboarding experience.

  • No deep knowledge of web3 required.

Quick Transactions, No Gas Fees

  • Instant transactions with no delays.

  • Eliminate the need for ETH for gas fees.

Secure and User Friendly

  • Ownership through social media accounts.

  • Secured with 2FA for top-tier security.

Account Abstraction

Platforms deployed on the WINR Protocol will implement a shared account abstraction model powered by EIP-4337. With this model, users can authenticate across all WINR platforms using uniform credentials, streamlining the registration process and eliminating the need to create new accounts on multiple platforms.

One of the significant advantages of this shared account abstraction is the ability for users to effectively manage their balances across different platforms. Users can seamlessly transfer their assets between these platforms, eliminating the fragmented liquidity issue commonly encountered in traditional iGaming.

When a user registers an account via one of the platforms on the WINR Protocol, they gain the ability to make deposits and withdrawals across various platforms within the ecosystem. To ensure security and integrity, users lock their assets in the Arbitrum Layer 2 WINR bridge, ensuring their accounts reflect the same balances as their account abstraction wallet address on WINR Chain.

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