WINR Chain

WINR Chain will go live in Q2, 2024.


The WINR Chain serves as the foundational backbone within the WINR Games ecosystem, providing a robust and decentralized backend infrastructure. This section explores the intricacies of the WINR Chain, highlighting its construction using Arbitrum Orbit technology and its pivotal role in revolutionizing the iGaming industry.

Overview of WINR Chain

The WINR Chain is meticulously crafted utilizing Arbitrum Orbit, a cutting-edge technology empowering developers to create dedicated blockchains tailored to meet the specific demands of iGaming applications. Serving as the quintessential Layer 3 solution for all iGaming decentralized applications (dApps), WINR Chain sets new benchmarks for transparency, security, and efficiency within the gaming space.

Key Benefits Offered by Arbitrum Orbit

Arbitrum Orbit bestows several advantages crucial for the seamless functioning of the WINR Chain:

  • Privacy and Permissions: Developers exercise control over privacy settings and permission access, facilitating the creation of both permissionless and permissioned iGaming applications.

  • Gas Price Reliability: Orbit chains ensure predictable and reliable gas prices, eliminating concerns regarding fluctuating gas costs and providing users with a seamless gaming experience.

  • Rapid Iteration and Innovation: Developers can continuously iterate on their iGaming applications, fostering innovation and value creation through the implementation of domain-specific mechanisms and fee token selection.

Cost Efficiency and Advantages of Dedicated Chain

Operating on a dedicated blockchain like the WINR Chain offers significant advantages over platforms reliant on public chains. By utilizing a dedicated network, WINR Chain eliminates congestion issues often encountered on public chains, ensuring consistent performance and reliability for gaming applications. Additionally, dedicated chains provide greater control over network parameters, enabling tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of iGaming platforms.

Furthermore, WINR Chain's decentralized nature ensures transparency, fostering trust and security among players and developers alike. This level of transparency is essential for maintaining the integrity of gaming experiences and enhancing player confidence in the platform.

Integrating the WLP Pool for Liquidity

The WINR Chain seamlessly integrates the existing WINR Liquidity Pool (WLP), providing easy liquidity access to risk-managed deep LP for all platforms running on the WINR Chain. This integration enhances player experiences and platform growth by ensuring sufficient liquidity across the ecosystem.

Decentralized Validators and Reward System

Decentralized WINR stakers play a vital role in securing and validating transactions on the WINR Chain, contributing to network decentralization and security. In return, validators are rewarded with block rewards sourced from a portion of the transaction fees. This incentivizes network security and fosters active community participation, reinforcing the integrity and resilience of the WINR Chain.

WINR as Gas Token

WINR serves as the base gas token within the WINR Chain ecosystem, introducing an innovative approach to transaction fees. A portion of WINR spent in each transaction is burned, creating a deflationary mechanism that enhances token scarcity and long-term value. This innovative use of WINR aligns with the platform's commitment to a decentralized, self-sustaining, and deflationary ecosystem for the iGaming industry, incentivizing platform operators to support user engagement and promoting a healthy token economy.

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