Pool Structure

The WINR Liquidity Pool consists of several ERC20 tokens and works as an index composition of assets in the basket. It functions as a multi-asset liquidity pool similar to the reserves of a web2 gaming protocol. The input and output currencies may differ, and proposed games may introduce a model where players have to use a specific token to play while getting paid out in another specific token.

The WINR Liquidity pool currently has the following assets and weights.

  • wETH - 25% target weight.

  • wBTC - 5% target weight.

  • USDC.e - 50% target weight.

  • USDC - 25% target weight.

  • USDT - 10% target weight.

There are also minimum buffer and maximum capacity arrays for each token in the pool. The minimum buffer function prevents the token from being used as an output currency if the input currency is a different token. The maximum capacity function reverts a transaction if it expects a different token as output currency while input currency is in a token that has reached its maximum capacity.

The targeted weight, minimum buffer, and maximum capacity are governed by the WINR DAO, and may be changed daily depending on the pool composition.

Swap Mechanism

The WINR Liquidity Pool introduces a centralized-like experience that allows players to "withdraw" their rewards in a token they like within its composition. Since WINR Protocol is trustless by nature, the rewards, or in other words, the output currency of any transaction, could be selected before the player initiates a transaction.

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