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Overview of WINR Chain

The WINR Chain is constructed using Arbitrum Orbit, a cutting-edge technology that empowers developers with the ability to create their own dedicated blockchain. Arbitrum Orbit allows the WINR Protocol to fully customize various aspects of the chain, tailoring it to meet the specific requirements of iGaming applications. WINR Chain will be the one Layer 3 solution for all iGaming dApps within the blockchain space.
Key benefits offered by Arbitrum Orbit:
  • Privacy and Permissions: Developers have control over privacy settings and can implement permission access to determine who can read chain data and deploy smart contracts. This allows for both permissionless and permissioned iGaming applications based on the specific use case.
  • Gas Price Reliability: Orbit chains provide dedicated throughput and traffic isolation, ensuring predictable and reliable gas prices for end-users. This offers a seamless gaming experience without the concern of fluctuating gas costs.
  • Rapid Iteration and Innovation: By choosing the fee token and implementing domain-specific mechanisms, the WINR Chain enables developers to continuously iterate on their iGaming applications, fostering innovation and value creation.