Games Provided

As part of its commitment to becoming the backbone of the iGaming industry, WINR Protocol is continuously expanding its offerings and services. The latest milestone achieved by the platform is the on-chain development of highly sought-after web2 games. This development involves the use of open-source smart contracts and provides a free-to-use frontend, making it an attractive proposition for game developers and iGaming platforms.
Platforms launching on the WINR Chain, starting with JustBet, will have the exciting opportunity to leverage these games on their platforms. By doing so, they can effectively expand their web2 user acquisition reach. The WINR Protocol enables these platforms to offer their users a range of familiar games, all within a decentralized and transparent environment.
WINR Protocol's dedication to providing popular games on the blockchain further supports its position as a one-stop infrastructure for iGaming products. As the platform continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it strives to become the go-to solution for the iGaming industry, offering a decentralized, fair, and rewarding gaming experience to players and developers alike. With its continuous development and progress, WINR Protocol is on its way to shaping the future of iGaming on the blockchain.