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WINR as Gas Token

WINR serves as the base gas token in the WINR Chain ecosystem, introducing an innovative approach to transaction fees. A portion of WINR spent in each transaction is burned, creating a deflationary mechanism that enhances token scarcity and long-term value.
On the WINR Chain, it is possible to develop various iGaming platforms that utilize WINR as the form of gas fees. If these platforms choose to sponsor the gas fees for their users, they have the option to consistently fill the smart contract with WINR, making it convenient for their users. As users engage in gaming activities, the WINR spent in these transactions is burned, which reinforces scarcity and enhances the value proposition for token holders.
This innovative use of WINR as the gas token aligns with the platform's commitment to a decentralized, self-sustaining, and deflationary ecosystem for the iGaming industry. WINR plays a pivotal role in incentivizing platform operators to support user engagement and promotes a healthy token economy.