Bridge from Arbitrum to Solana

You can use a common Solana wallet like Phantom to store your WINR tokens in Solana.

  • In Step 1, select Source and Target networks as Arbitrum and Solana, respectively.

  • Connect your Arbitrum wallet and select WINR from the SELECT A TOKEN section as follows.

Make sure you select the correct token contract addresses:

WINR Arbitrum: 0xD77B108d4f6cefaa0Cae9506A934e825BEccA46E

WINR Solana: CsxCtA8usvWKdRhe7KhLU5GgwzYaLkoHsz1MKBVZ4W3M

  • Enter the amount of WINR you'd like to bridge and click Next to proceed to Step 2.

  • In Step 2, select Manual Payment and connect your Solana wallet.

  • Click on CREATE ASSOCIATED TOKEN ACCOUNT and confirm the transaction. This step may not look completed on the screen, in this case, disconnect and reconnect your Solana wallet.

  • Once the Next button is active, click on Next to proceed Step 3.

  • In Step 3, approve the amount of WINR that you'd like to bridge.

  • Step 3 takes 15-20 minutes to complete since Ethereum finality on Arbitrum blocks takes a while to complete. You can click on VIEW ON WORMHOLESCAN to see the status of Ethereum finality. Make sure you do not naviagate away from this page.

  • Once the Arbitrum transaction is finalized, proceed to Step 4 to redeem your WINR in Solana.

  • There will be several confirmations in this step, make sure you confirm all of these. Once all the confirmations are completed, you'll be able to see your WINR tokens in your Solana wallet.

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