The governance framework of the WINR Protocol empowers token holders to participate in decision-making processes regarding protocol upgrades, treasury management, and game proposals. This section outlines the key components of the governance system.


Voting Rights

All WINR Protocol token holders have equal voting weight when participating in governance decisions. Addresses that stake WINR or vWINR are eligible to vote on proposals.

Governance Forum

The official governance forum of the WINR Protocol is hosted at Here, community members can propose and discuss protocol improvements, game integrations, and other relevant topics.

Proposal Process

Proposal Submission

Community members, including developers, can submit proposals for protocol upgrades, game integrations, or other improvements through the governance forum. Proposals should include comprehensive details and may require testnet deployment.


Once a proposal is submitted, it undergoes a voting process to determine community sentiment and approval. Voting takes place on Snapshot, a decentralized platform where token holders can cast their votes.

Decision Making

Proposals that receive sufficient support from the community, based on the outcome of the voting process, are implemented by the WINR DAO multisig. This ensures decentralized decision-making and community consensus.

Treasury Management

The WINR DAO oversees the management of the protocol's treasury, which includes funds allocated for protocol development and ecosystem growth. Treasury management decisions are subject to community governance and approval.

Game Integration

Developers who have built games on the WINR Protocol using the WINR Game Engine can propose their games for integration into the ecosystem. These proposals are also subject to community governance and voting.

Transparency and Accountability

The governance process of the WINR Protocol prioritizes transparency and accountability, ensuring that community members are informed about decision-making processes and protocol developments.

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